Monday, 5 July 2010

12Q1-17: 'Salt N' Pepa - Push it'

This is the final version of our one minute music video task.

The music video turned out very well in our opinion, it goes with the song very well in few different ways. The video is quite fun, enjoyable and has a sense of humour to it. During editing, we realized just how well our video went with the song; of course this was planned, but it was still a pleasant surprise when we watched it for the first time.

The music video was filmed in the dark room, to draw the attention to us and make sure there was no distraction in the background. To help this, we used a spot light to highlight the singing. For a lot of the shots the camera was on a tripod to keep things level, but for a lot of the shots we also did a hand-held camera shot; this was because after researching other similar songs, the music videos used the same kinds of techniques.

One of the major aspects of this project was the lip syncing, and because of that we made sure that the part of the song we chose to film included the chorus as well as instrumental bits for dancing. When we went to film, we brought a miniature speaker along with an MP3 player to play the song whilst we filmed to make sure everything went in time. First of all, we filmed the 'base layer', where we filmed the whole song through with the camera in a still position, this made it easier during editing because when there were parts with no video to go with them we could just cut to the base layer of video.

In conclusion, we feel the music video was a success and that we achieved what we aimed for, and maybe a little more. We received excellent feedback from our peers and teachers, so we're proud of the hard work we put in to the video.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Post Production

Effects - slow mo and speed up action/footage

Lip syncing - Michal and co.

editing - fast editing to give pace of song
- make it flow while having fast cuts


Narrative - None

Concept - Push it, push it real good


Schedule - Set up lighting
- Film loads of different shots for quick cuts

Props - Maybe Boom box
- Microphone
- Clothes (funky)

Ipod with speakers

Minute - 0.20 - 1.20

Equipment - Camera , tripod, boombox, ipod, spotlights!
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